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Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour Ideas We All Want to Copy

It is no doubt that the strawberry blonde hair colour is striking and beautiful. It is a gorgeous blend of red and blonde tones. You have seen many red carpet regulars such as Nicole Kidman, Jessica Chastain and Blake Lively rock this fantastic colour. They have really put this look in the spotlight. Read this article for more about strawberry blonde hair looks and how to achieve them.

Just as you requested, we have collected the top five hair colour ideas for a strawberry blonde. Make sure you go through each and select the one that suits you best. Take it to the saloon and ask your stylist for it.

  1. Light Strawberry Blonde Hair.

This is lightest strawberry hair. In this look, the roots are dark and gradually fades to lighter, honey blonde shade. This is an exciting blend that looks great on anyone. You can get this exact hairstyle or add a different blonde hue to your hair-but a light blonde at the ends looks chic and stylish.

  1. Dark Strawberry Blonde Lob.

We shouldn’t always rock light strawberry blonde. You can rock a dark melt by maintaining the roots dark and then fading it into a strawberry shade. This hair colour appears great on all hair lengths and works better with brunettes and the women with dark hair.

  1. Burgundy to Strawberry Ombre.

This is another great idea for strawberry blonde hair. It is a great hairstyle to wear during the fall or winter. The hair shade starts with dark burgundy and then blends into light strawberry blonde. These two colours complement each other perfectly to come up with a warm blend. It is a perfect look for daring women who like attracting attention.

  1. Pastel Strawberry Blonde.

We strongly recommend this stunning pastel tone for you. The hair appears lighter at the base and then gradually becomes dark at the tips. You can get this look and get the entire pastel colour or wear this look with your natural hair to come up with a balayage or ombre look. This is a suitable hair shade for natural blondes.

  1. Summery Blonde.

Next is this beautiful summery blonde idea for you. This is the best hairstyle for the summer and spring to give you a cool, light appearance, but it can also be rocked during the fall and winter to amp your look in those dark and cold months. The base is dark and then gradually blends into warm and lighter blonde with some hints of strawberry. It is a lovely look!

  1. Strawberry Blonde to Rose Gold.

We all love pink colours. They are always in style, here is a strawberry blonde hair colour idea that incorporates a blend of rose gold and strawberry. The style has some hints of pink which gives it a pretty finish.