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Vintage Desinger Handbag

You will need to determine if the new handbag you are in the market for will be used frequently or are you more interested in the bag as a collectable. There is no harm in wanting to use a vintage handbag, how else are you and your impeccable sense of fashion going to be the topic at this years Christmas party, but it is important to buy a bag that will hold up to the challenge. So make sure you follow some simple guidelines when purchasing your new vintage handbag.

Only buy from a reputable dealer. Many of your questions can be answered and your worries set to ease when you know the dealer has done their homework and has a reputation of being honest and fair.

Obviously, anything that you use often must be made to last. Do not buy a handbag that is worn or stained more then a little. Some ‘wear and tear’ can add mystique, but too much damage only looks used. Handbags can be restored and repaired, but it is highly unlikely you would want to go to all the trouble of having a handbag repaired, only to use it on a daily basis. Also, although most people would not be able to tell the bag had been repaired, repairing a bag greatly decreases it open market value.

Understand what you are paying for. Vintage handbags are given value not only for their popularity of past and current times, but also for workmanship. This can include things such as the clasping mechanism. Your biggest concern might be that the handbag close properly, but you could pay top price because the bag you are eyeing happens to have the first magnetic closure ever used on a designer bag. If you happen to find these types of things interesting then this is the bag for you. But if you are more interested in the appearance of a handbag, you might not want to pay this much for a piece of ingenuity and history.

Prices for vintage designer handbags can range from less then a hundred to several thousand. The price depends on condition, uniqueness, design, rarity, condition, adornments (beading), the material from which the bag is made and age.

When shopping online for vintage designer handbags, try using different search words: purse, handbags, vintage purses, vintage designer handbags, clutch purses, lunch box purses, cigar box purses and so on. Also look for an online boutique that offers great detail on the items they sell. A good description of the bag, estimated age and a full list of any flaws should be provided. It is essential that the retailer offer a money back guarantee.

A vintage handbag is right for you if you want genuine GUCCI or Hermes leather bag at a great price and couldn’t afford one new. Nobody has to know that it is vintage, but everyone will be wondering where you got it.